LIVE in TROPICAL LUXE is a new lifestyle & design blog!


Live in Tropical Luxe, is a new lifestyle blog about the art of luxury living with some tropical love! Welcome and join me as I journey through Interior Design, Art and Architecture and show you how to enjoy living luxuriously! Can I tell you, with the launch of the website, I figured that starting the blog will be an easy second! Well, it wasn't but once I got past the mental objections, like why am I doing this; after all, you watch all those design shows, I decided to write for you. I also needed to figure out what to say that's more than a hundred words (for a self-proclaimed introvert, that's a lot of words). I figured that if you've enjoyed my designs over the years, and some of you have told me so every time we have met, in person or commented on social media, then I am sure I can muscle up a few more words to connect with you through this blog. 


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With so much happening in your world, you definitely need to rest, relax and re-luxe!  Your home is your retreat, a place to unwind and create memories. A home filled with beauty and luxurious spaces can enhance your home life and reduce stress. If it's not luxurious, I can help you turn your drab into fabulous! Look out for design inspiration and design tips to help you improve your space. When your space reflects your lifestyle then it improves your well-being! If you love to cook or prefer to watch someone else in the kitchen, look out for our talk about kitchens and design tips for a great kitchen space. I love to design kitchens and bathrooms, it's actually my specialty as an interior designer. Our luxury design studio, Seacrest Designs, help homeowners and other business create livable luxury whether it's for an entire home or just one room! This blog, Live in Tropical Luxe, will bring ideas and resources to help you create the warm and relaxing feeling in your own space!



My design style is more classic and transitional with tropical/global flair, I am an island girl after all. Visit me, every week, for something old,  something new, something borrowed and of course, something blue with some tropical vibes along the way! I will share stories about what inspires me, what I love and my life as a designer. Though I have been formally trained in Architecture, in fact, I am an Architect-in-training (working on my license). I figure when the kids are in high school, I will have that hat to wear also. I have been fortunate to work in both architecture and interior design throughout my career and as a mom of four too!  I am glad to connect with you, so feel free to comment below or share using the share buttons below! 

Thank You for stopping by, see you later!