Something old, something new, something borrowed and SOMETHING BLUE....


Since we are now past the initial introductions, I can highlight a few more details and general themes for the blog.    Remember that old wedding advice: Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue... ? I love a good wedding don't you, especially with all the planning and preparations for the big day. It's just another moment to celebrate life and family! With so many design options available and design TV shows, it's easy to become overwhelmed, especially when it comes to designing your space! Ever wondered how a designer achieved that awesome room you have pinned to your design board or where did they get that chair? I know that the design shows make it look easy but 30 minutes of TV does not reflect how much work is involved. From designing, planning, coordinating, ordering and installation, think of your Design Team as the Glam Squad for your space!



I have always gravitated towards design, it's been my passion when I was a child and my career since college. I will show you what works, and how you can achieve some of those design looks throughout this blog. Also, look out for some great pieces, including some awesome chairs to complement your space. A great chair is an easy way to bring a luxurious detail to any design. Check out a few chair and pillow combinations on my Shop the Look page! I have selected these combinations for instant luxe option to a bedroom sitting area or for pairing with a neutral sofa for living room.

Something Old

The classics never go out of style, I am a firm believer in never ending charm of an elegantly designed space. So if my designs seem old and familiar, it's because my love for the ornate translates into using traditional design elements of order, symmetry and proportions even if it's a modern translation. I will discuss some design inspiration from  antiques, historical influences and spaces. While you are pinning and posting, check out a few book suggestions and sources that can help you bring the design plan together especially if you are working with a family heirloom for your home.  When I head out to the occasional art show or antique show, I will share on my findings and my visits. Feel free to comment about your love for the charm of antiquity, I would love to hear.

Something New


Another holiday, a new home or a new baby... with all these wonderful events in our lives, the true value of a design professional is to assist you as you live your life you've created for yourself. We create the stage, the backdrop for the rolling reel of your memories and special events. We allow you to see the big picture by taking into account what your changing needs are and we provide inspired design solutions. Our design abilities help you save precious time that you can spend elsewhere, really why spend hours looking for furniture that may not fit because you don't have a design plan or waste that time meeting with all the trades and supervising them on the project. There are better things to do with your time and energy.

Something Borrowed

As a designer, I find great stuff all the time whether it's cool inventions, beautiful furniture or great ways to make your life easier! When I do, I definitely will share, create a list, a checklist or promote a product or procedure that I think you would love! Feel free to "borrow" and if you have any questions, give me a call or message me, my contact info is below if you need further help. Look out for the weekly Shop the Look pages, they are just blog posts centered around a theme or a color.  I create moodboards filled with furniture options, color palette and design sources as a part of my design services and I also link my suggestions to some design sources, these links help you to check out the product or design feature! The moodboards may or may not fit your space, so check out the measurements or other room factors in your space before applying or book me. I may get some compensation if you choose to purchase from these linked design sources, it helps to cover the costs of the website and keeps me operational so I can bring you some awesome content, Check below for my disclaimer page for more details on this.  I won't recommend simply for that, the link also because I think it may work or is an innovative way to solve your design problem!

Something Blue

Did you get a chance to sign up for the newsletter? No, click here, and I will send you my Top 10 essentials to luxury living, it will be available for the rest of the year! Subscribe to receive upcoming promotions and additional resources, which will only be available for subscribers! Yes, I like to be generous, just a bit about me and my design style? Well, I also love a variety of classic design styles and a few transitional styles too! What's my favorite color? Well, it's blue and I usually post a bi-monthly piece on my love affair with the color entitled Monday Blues and link it a few mood boards for Shop the Look!  I am not stuck on blue and I will feature other colors and a variety of themed posts too. As they say, Variety is the spice of life and I love spice and variety!

And something ......Tropical


As a certified island girl, I love all things tropical! So yes, I will include posts on my love for the Caribbean and my travels! In addition, there may be a few floral and beach picture with the occasional mocktails here or there. Really, you could never get tired of pictures of some great relaxing activity or space but I give you my word that they will be minor compared some links to great fabrics and decorations in addition! So relax and enjoy the blog!

Thank You for stopping by, see you later!