"You are not doing Life by yourself! Your life didn't stop when you started having children!" 

The B'LuxeLife is for the BUSY BEES amongst us, we do so much and often feel overwhelmed and even in our busyness, we need to need to find Balance in our lives. This community is based on love, knowledge and ideas, so let's do this together. We will be mostly online and hopefully grow to some in person workshops, seminars and socials. (Of course with the kids, bring them!) I have created some systems and processes that may help you. Why? Because they helped me! No, I am not the Boss of you, so I can't tell you what to do! Use these tips, ideas and insight whenever you want and I hope they will help you enjoy your life even if you are a BUSY BEE!

Being a tech-savvy solutionist, I love to find solutions, productivity hacks and cost-effective ways to do life for me and the kids! Yep, pick my BRAIN, if I don't know how, BEST BE SURE, I will find a way!

Learn how to not miss that soccer game or recitals through planning techniques from a mom of four and an entrepreneur!
(Do you want to know my favorites apps and hacks to organize the kids? my life and my business?)

Learn biblical insights into our roles as parents and guardians of our legacy.
(Do you want to know how I figured out how to appreciate the blessings that God gave me even when I ended up without a partner?)

Learn quick styling tips for your home, your office and for your business esp when you represent your business through networking. 
(Do you want to learn how to style your office space at work or home?)

Learn how to create social media content take back your time and reduce time spent posting on social media for your business and your brand. 
(Do you want to learn how to create consistent content in 30mins for a whole month?)

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You are doing so much for your #Babes and for your #Business, that you have to represent and come correct! #Boss#Life means that it stops at you even if you don't have a clue what it means! Be real, you need help to Build the vision, Brand the vision and some of the stuff you see here in social media world doesn't even feel like you!

Who do you call when you need help, especially if your team consists of you? Do you even have the time to get stuff done? Do you have time to connect with you, connect with your family and connect with God, if you need a #Break or when it gets too much? 🍹🍹🍹🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️ Where is the #Balance, where is the #Bliss in all this hustling and grinding? That's why I created this community, BLuxeLife, for the #Busybees 🐝🐝🐝🐝 among us?

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- Virtual Launch of BLuxeLife
(Brand Management (paid services) to help you be U on social media!)

- Book Launch
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- Build U, Build others! (Learn how to create your own content and represent U!) 


"Build U, while U Build others!"

Mothers Day with the best team ! 

Mothers Day with the best team ! 

Graduating with my first Masters of Architecture! This was as much as a win for them as for me!

Graduating with my first Masters of Architecture! This was as much as a win for them as for me!