EVERYDAY LUXE - E-Design + Consult + Sourcing

EVERYDAY LUXE - E-Design + Consult + Sourcing

from 750.00

E-Design Service for a few rooms is a great value savings over the cost of full service design (a $1500 value per room)! This service is great for the DIY stylers who just need a design plan for Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms complete with sourcing. Contact us for whole house pricing! Check out the options for kitchen and bathrooms also!

Room Makeovers includes:

(1) Design Inspired Moodboard

(2) Color Palette

(3) Customized Shopping list with links

(4) 1hr consultation (can be broken into 2x 30mins sessions)

(5) E-Luxe Room Report & Install Guide

(6) Floor Plan with Furniture/Cabinetry Layout

(7) Plumbing and Lighting Plan Layout (for Kitchens and Bathrooms only)

(8) Elevations (for Kitchens and Bathrooms only)

(9) Appliance Recommendations (for Kitchens only)

(10) Accessories Recommendations

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