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Coming Soon!


Welcome and thank you for applying to test out my new course content. I am Marsha McDonald and as a creative entrepreneur/consultant and corporate trainer, many of you need SOLUTIONS and SUPPORT to help you present yourself professionally online. This program will help you with your digital life via COURSES, CHECKLISTS and COACHING within our Facebook Group or via Zoom call. We will include TIPS, TOOLS & TECHNIQUES to help you “MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE ONLINE” and ACTUALIZE your dream as you FOCUS on the work that matters the most, the one you are assigned to! Learn how to be a true MAXIMALIST and maximize your life!

Upcoming Courses on:

  1. Maximize your Social Media

  2. Monetize your Social Media

  3. Content Creation

  4. Content Curation

  5. Professional Presence - Branding

  6. Professional Presence - Brainstorming & Blueprints

  7. Professional Presence - Best Practice and Platforms

Full Disclosure

If you are a CREATIVE entrepreneur, a CONSULTANT or a CORPORATION, as we are building out our course content, we are offering you the opportunity to collaborate with us and have a early access to our courses, memberships and consultations. Let get you started sooner rather than later. Some offerings will be at no charge and some will have an introductory fee! Please note that the content will be growing over time or modified to best support you and we need your feedback throughout.

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We appreciate your application, please note that your information is secured and will only be used to communicate with you on behalf of Seacrest Designs or Professional Presence Online. Applying means that you will also be added to our mailing list for communication, promotion and updates. You will also be invited for test out new content periodically. If you have any questions, or comments please email: Call/text for help if more urgent @321-754-HELP (4357).

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